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Antigua - Fuerteventura


Antigua is one of the oldest villages on the island. Built in the 18th century Antigua was once the capital of Fuerteventura but only for a very short while (one year)! Then the honour was passed on to La Oliva (the capital today is Puerto del Rosario).

The present population of Antigua is around 3000 and the total area is 250

The picturesque church (Cruz de los Caldos) that dominates the town was built in 1785 and stands amongst well kept trees and shrubbery.
This church is usually open to the general public in the mornings and sometimes during the afternoons. Next to the church is the beautiful village square which is filled with flowers all year round.

Antigua also has a fully restored windmill which is now a cultural centre and a tourist attraction. Inside is a craft shop selling local handicraft and art.

Despite being a fairly sleepy village, Antigua has a few social facilities for the local people such as a school, library, post office and a clinic. The church hall is used for a general meeting point.

The main economy is based on agriculture and fishing (from the port of 'Pozo Negro') although a lot of the younger people are now finding work in the nearby resort of Caleta de Fuste.

Antigua is also famous for it's market so keep an eye out for the flyers that advertise this event.

Just outside the town is the home of Fuerteventura's very own TV station which broadcasts local news and events all over the island.


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