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Fuerteventura Beaches

Without doubt Fuerteventura has some of the most impressive beaches in the whole of Europe.

There is such a vast expanse of sand here. From the Golden sand dunes of Corralejo in the north to the miles of flat beaches in Jandia in the south. This makes Fuerteventura an ideal destination for the beach lover.

These are the beaches that charm thousands of tourists to this beautiful island every year.

Naturist Beaches

Almost all of the beaches outwith the resorts can be considered unofficial naturist beaches

Blue Flag Beaches

Blue Flags are awarded each year to European and South African beaches that meet certain standards.

There are several Fuerteventura beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag. As this can change from year to year to find out exactly which beaches check out the Blue Flag Website.

The Standards The award of a European Blue Flag beach is based on compliance with 27 criteria covering the aspects:

1) Water Quality
2) Environmental Education and Information
3) Environmental Management
4) Safety and Services

Some criteria are imperative (i) whereas others are guideline (g). All imperative requirements have to be fulfilled, and in addition a maximum number of guideline criteria.

All Blue Flags are only awarded for one season at a time.

If some of the imperative criteria are not fulfilled during the season or the conditions change, the Blue Flag will be withdrawn.

For more and current details go here


It is a tragic fact that every year people do drown while bathing in apparently safe waters.

Most of the major beaches in Fuerteventura have lifeguards on watch.

Make sure to check if there's a red flag hoisted. If there is, the water is considered dangerous.
Undertows can pull you away from the shore and prevent even the strongest swimmers from returning.

If you do find yourself in this situation, it is generally considered wiser to swim parallel to the shore in the hope of finding a patch where the undertow is not so strong.


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