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Fuerteventura Airport
Fuerteventura Airport - as seen from a helicopter

Fuerteventura Airport

Situated close to the capital Puerto del Rosario and only 10 minutes from the resort of Caleta de Fuste (and about 35 minutes from Corralejo), this new modern airport is impressive in design.

Location, Location .....

As you can see by the picture on the right - the airport is next to the sea giving a great first impression when you step out of the plane.

Plane to Terminal

Some flights get the 'tunnel' treatment but at busy times the plane parks a little distance from the terminal. Buses are laid on to take you there.


There are a few shops and cafes on both levels plus Car rental offices in the arrival and departure areas but the shops are nothing special. English and German language magazines, books, guides and newspapers are available. English newspapers are avilable in all the resorts - some of which are printed in the Canaries so they are issued on the day. Other papers are imported a day late.

Shops are open from 7:30am till 10pm.

Duty Free

The 'Duty Free' shops in the departure area are more expensive than normal supermarkets - so before you leave your resort buy your booze, fags, cameras and perfume there.

Baggages and Trolleys

You'll need a one euro coin to unlock a baggage trolley but a pound coin will also do the job if you haven't got any. (You will be able to get it back when you return the trolley so don't worry about losing on the exchange.)


If you are traveling on a package holiday and have a coach transfer to your resort, look out for your representative who will sort you out.

Taxis & Taxi Prices

Taxis are parked straight in front of you as you come out of the arrivals area from the main airport building (a taxi journey from the airport to Corralejo will cost you about 45 euros).


Just outside Arrivals.

Approximate prices from the airport:

Tarifa 1

(from 6.00 - 22.00 workdays) :
Per recorded kilometer or fraction: €0,47
Minimum Charge: €2,68
Price per hour for waiting: €12,79 & price for fractions @ 15 minutos: €3,20.

Tarifa 2

(from 22.00 - 6.00 & Holidays) :

Per recorded kilometer or fraction: €0,58
Minimum Charge: €3,21
Price per hour for waiting: €12,79 & price for fractions @ 15 minutos: €3,20.

Airport Supplement: €1,65.


928 855 432
928 850 216


928 532 057

Car Parking Charges



There are 4 automatic pay machines, two in front of arrivals and two inside the terminal (one at arrivals - the other at departures) plus one manual paypoint in front of arrivals.

The machines accept all euro notes and coins.

The manual paypoint also accepts credit cards.

Once paid, you have 20 minutes to leave the car park area.

Helicopter Rides

Until recently there was a company offering helicopter rides but they have now ceased this service and are only operating in Lanzarote

Landing at the Airport

Short Video of a plane (below) landing at Fuerteventura Airport.
Click the image to start the video.
(After the video has played you will have a choice of other landings at Fuerteventura Airport)


Flight Arrival & Departure Times

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