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Lajares - Fuerteventura

Just ten minutes drive from the main tourist town in the north Corralejo, is the small village of Lajares.

The first thing you notice upon entering the village is the football stadium that was built in 1990. The town also boasts a 'lucha canaria' area this is a form of wrestling that's very popular throughout the Canary Islands.

The main attraction for tourists has to be the local lace shop 'Artisania Lajares' where you can watch the local women making lace and embroidering. Many coach trips use this as a stop off point for refreshments and the chance to buy some local canarian handicrafts The shop is open from 9am to 7pm through weekdays and till 1pm Saturdays.

In the southern part of the town are two windmills next to the church. Pictured is the newer one of the two (the 'female' windmill known as 'Molina'). This windmill was still in use up to 20 years ago, but the owner and his wife still live there.

Many years ago Lajares was a popular place and local people came from miles around on foot or with donkeys to grind their roast grains. Nowadays many 'giris' - expats - are settling there.

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