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Off Road Motorbiking
Fuerteventura - Off Road Motorbiking

Fuerteventura - Off Road Motorbiking

Sun, sand and sea not for you? Then how about some grit, volcanic tracks, and pure off road adventure? This has got to be one of the best ways to discover the real Fuerteventura.

If you hold a full motorbike license this is surely for you. Now you can conquer Fuerteventura on 2 wheels with guaranteed good weather and discover this bizarre moon landscape on a hard enduro bike then seek out some of the small inland and coastal villages where you can stop and 'refuel' with some fresh fish before returning home to sample some of the great nightlife.

Novices can try their hand on gravel and sand tracks while more advanced riders can fight their way through dry river beds and sand dunes, and let off steam on the practice course.

Check out some of the local off road centres for more details on hiring bikes.